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WP Engine Vs HostGator Website Hosting

Website Hosting is a very tricky affair and choosing the right company to host your website is of critical importance. What service provider you choose depends completely on your requirement and priority. Many website hosts offer multiple features but don’t fall for the cheap offer price because at last, you end up losing more money.

wp engine vs hostgator

WP Engine is one of the most widely used website hosts and so is HostGator but there is a lot of difference in what each has to offer. Let us look at the features and benefits of both the website host.

WP Engine

It is a managed host which is dedicated to hosting a website for WordPress users and being a managed host there is a lot of professional guidance on managing the website. You only need to worry about the right content and rest everything about software updates, traffic direction; automatic backup and malware security is taken care and managed by the skilled team.

A great website host is always at service for their clients and with their excellent customer support managing the website becomes easy. WP Engine is known for its blazing fast speed and high performance with a promise not to disappoint their clients. WP Engine website hosting is also reliable and with greater server loading time, it downloads all the website elements to your browser in the shortest possible time. WP Engine is a little expensive with the deals starting from $29.00 for the most basic package but helps you save up to 20% with coupon codes available in a lot of websites. Read WP Engine review from WebHostingfind blog. If the price is a worry, WP Engine understands it and offers 60-day money back guarantee which is not provided by any good website host.


HostGator is a shared website host which means it is good for only those intending to use a website for the purpose of the hobby and not with the intention to earn a major profit. Being a shared host means as more resources will be used, the speed of the website will decrease as the network is shared amongst many.

One of the major drawbacks of using HostGator as website host is its sluggish customer support and most of the clients have suffered the brunt of it. There are many HostGator alternatives in the market. Being a shared network, the speed is a concern because it tends to slow down which in turn decreases the Google Ranking and less traffic to your website. It has higher downtime rate making the website loading slow.

The only positive point about HostGator is its cheaper price plans as compared to WP Engine. It offers great deals with the basic package at rates as low as $4.00 per month that offers 6 websites hosting along with unlimited storage and bandwidth. WP Engine allows only 1 website host with the basic plan with limited storage space. HostGator offers at a discount of 20% on your first invoice that makes the price paid even low. Although the price is cheap but do not forget it is a shared host we are talking about.


Choosing the perfect host depends on what is your expectation and what you want to do after the website launch. If you are running your own business and focus on revenue, WP Engine is unbeatable. On making a comparison, WP Engine definitely gets an upper hand over HostGator for so many features it makes the client available with. It not only takes care of complete website management but helps one to earn great money. Don’t fall for the cheap plans for HostGator if you want to earn money from your online site on a serious note, investing on WP Engine is worth every penny spent.

Cloud Hosting is today’s Face of Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is one latest type of web site hosting that has emerged in the last few years. As you might have already guessed, the concept is more like cloud computing and the debut has happened after cloud computing and its ideas coming into the light. The idea of cloud computing is to depend on many resources to perform an operation, and cloud storage is a storage that is accessible from many devices and locations. The whole thing works kind of like an electrical grid; there is some sort of chain of order as well. Cloud hosting is a similar idea, where a website is hosted on virtual servers and those servers are connected to a network of many physical web servers. The whole thing is more like a utility service like the gas or electricity line in your households, rather than being a mainstream product.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is the Future

In mainstream dedicated or shared hosting networks, the websites are stored on some specific physical servers and when the websites addresses are typed in browser URL bars, the website is pulled off and loaded from that specific location. This could be highly troublesome at times; if the originating server and the audiences are too far away then there will be unwanted packet loss, higher latency and slow loading of pages as a result.

As opposed to the above idea, the cloud computing is a cluster of networks spread all across the world. In cloud hosting technology, the websites are loaded from virtual servers. The website files are evenly distributed over all the servers and when they are needed, they will be pulled off from the closest server locations. This eliminates all the problems that shared and dedicated hosting services can’t overcome.

Pulling off of data from different data centers simultaneously speeds up the whole process, as there aren’t loads of traffic to one specific server at the same time. Instead, if one server gets lots of traffic, the computers might off load some traffic by transferring them to some nearby data center. The website would be available to the other location as well; hence it will not be a problem.

And cloud hosting technology ensures maximum utilization of available resources.


Cloud storages are truly going to be the future of hosting service’s future, because they are just too reliable. The server downtime on cloud hosting servers is nearly zero. If one server goes down, there are plenty more across the whole world to provide backup. If the power is down, lines are cut or the data channels are overpopulated – nothing stops your website from being seen on cloud hosting service.

Secured Data Storage

The same data is repeatedly stored over many cloud servers across the world. If one data center goes down, the data still remains with the other servers. Unless all the data centers of that company across the world go down, you have nothing to worry about.


The whole technology is more like dedicated hosting server. You always get the necessary amount of resource you need. When the traffic to your website is less, the unused resources would be used for other websites; and vice versa.  This flexibility saves your money as well.

Effective Billing

The payment on cloud hosting is just like you pay your electricity bill. You will be billed only for the resources you have used over a certain period of recorded time. You don’t use the hosting company’sresources you won’t be billed – simple!


Given the fact that every technology in the world is going cloud, and the number of added features this specific type of hosting offers – it is a fair estimation that Cloud Hosting is going to take over the typical shared and dedicated hosting plans within next few years.

All you need to know about HostGator Linux VPS hosting

Linux VPS hosting

When it comes to hosting a VPS account, the platform can play a huge role in determining the flexibility and control you expect from the hosted space. It is common knowledge that open source operating systems like Linux offer you better in terms of operational freedom and choices. It gives you the complete authority to run any number of servers, whereas standard platforms often place restrictions on the functionality. I would like to recommend you HostGator VPS hosting which is Linux hosting.

Hostgator VPS hosting and coupons

One thing to note here is that not all Linux servers are going to grant you complete operational freedom and functionality. You need to choose the right Linux VPS hosting by considering the following parameters.


The virtual CPU offered by the VPS service provider determines what kind of actions you can perform on the web space. If you plan to run a gaming website or a social media platform, you will be requiring higher CPU. Keep this in mind before you choose a Linux platform for your hosting.

Disk Space

This is a given considering people already know how important adequate disk space is. The total space you are going to require entirely depends on what kind of website you plan to host. While a personal website will require minimum disk space, a shopping portal is going to need much more. If you are looking for any VPS hosting other than HostGator then you should check HostGator alternative hosting article. There is always the option to buy additional space in the future, but it is recommended to have a tentative calculation before you set out to buy disk space for your Linux VPS hosting.

The same applies for the type of hard disk you choose as well. Websites that are expecting high visitor activity should consider going for SSD hard drives which allow faster applications and minimal break downs.


Linux VPS service providers have a default RAM capacity that they offer with their packages. However, if you feel that you are going to require more, you have the option to upgrade it anytime you want. A simple personal website is going to take very less RAM but on the other hand, a heavy gaming website will need higher configuration.


This is another area where a Linux based VPS host is going to give you considerable freedom. Although you will have an estimate as to how many visitors you expect, sometimes this can be proved wrong. Hence your bandwidth plan should allow for such spikes in traffic. There are service providers that offer unlimited bandwidth for users who want to be completely safe from down times. Although this can be a costly option, it might be much better than suffering website breakdowns.

Economic feasibility

One need to keep in mind those higher capabilities naturally infers higher prices. You can use discount HostGator coupon for this Linux hosting plans and save huge money. Although there are many high end Linux VPS hosting plans available, you need to make sure that you are certain of getting the best out of the plan. There is always the option to switch to higher configurations at a later stage too which allows you to start with a basic plan. Considering the enhanced functionality, choosing the right Linux OS can imply better VPS performance.

Avoid the Common Mistake you Might Make When Choosing a Web Host

Choosing the web site hosting company comes before any other job while starting a web site. Based on what web host you choose, your further working procedure is determined. The first vital step to take is one of the very first probable chances of making a mistake. And if you end up making a miserable mistake then your investment could totally go into waste. Even though choosing a web hosting company is easy and pretty straight forward like Bluehost web hosting, you still have a lot of homework to do before you buy one.

We have given you the initial warning to and now we here, to give you an in-brief idea of what you should avoid while choosing a web host for your website.

Avoid Free Web Hosting

Free things lure everyone. But keep your desires to yourself and don’t be a miser. Especially if you are planning to generate revenue and maybe even make some profit from a blog or some sort of website business, you will have to invest for a good web host. Go with Bluehost hosting since it is top notch in the performance and with Bluehost $3.49 coupon you can save lot of money whilte purchasing hosting plan. The behavior of your web host will completely depend on what service your web host provides and how you configure it. Free hosting services will compel you to a sub-domain forever and no ad-revenue. What’s the point of saving the money then; if it doesn’t get anything back either?

Least number of Features

Since you are paying an amount of money for the web hosting service, check whether your provider provides more worth of your money or someone else. Don’t hesitate to migrate if you think you are being neglected. Certain features like unlimited storage and bandwidth options, WordPress installation capability and convenience, customer care service etc. must be catered. If not, start looking for other options right away.

Limited Packages

Don’t get trapped to limitations. Aim big so that you reach a higher stage within a short phase of time! Websites might not always follow a specific viewer pattern. A well optimized post can boom your viewers overnight and if your hosting plan is somewhat like 30 GB bandwidth or some policies after a certain amount of bandwidth usage, your domain name will start showing Error 404. Trust me; this one error is enough to kill all your reputation.

Ridiculously Low Priced Plans

Companies could offer low priced plans for a certain period of time, or maybe a reasonably cheaper price plan. No website hosting company could make profit by letting you purchase a plan for less than $0.20. For example Bluehost web hosting company offer you shared hosting plan with $3.49 per month which is the standard rate possible with Bluehost coupons. You would see plenty of those but just never even think about those. Spend little more and you can sign up for the well reputed companies out there.

Non-Reputed Companies

Before buying a hosting plan, look if they are a new company or have been around for a while. A new company is not necessarily bad; however, you have to check reviews to be sure. They could be outstanding performers, could be all messed up of a company as well. If they are new then make sure they offer flexible refund offers so that you can pull off your investments if things are not up to the mark.


If you pay good attention to the above mentioned points while choosing a web host for your website, you are almost not likely to fall for a victim for anything unpleasant. For any other queries feel free to drop a comment.

The Difference between Cheap and Affordable Web Hosting

Apart from their usual English meaning, and talking technically, cheap hosting is something that involves really low cost and hence equivalent level of features. While looking for best web hosting services we expect higher service at a low cost. And, on the other hand, an affordable web hosting offers you with decent specs, to be simple enough.


Why quality is always less with Cheap Web Hosting: the characteristics

Cheap hosting doesn’t satisfy often as these provide the service those are bound to compromise with quality in order to meet the price. Sometimes the hosts scrap prices by putting many accounts over a single server. Naturally, the service quality gets lowered, the site gets slow enough in responding to query.

In addition, they adjust with the parts like disk space, or bandwidth as well. They may make it available over various accounts as well. Protection has been a big issue, and naturally cheap hosting is not recommended on this context. The issue like breakdowns are much more frequent with sites through cheap hosting.

In addition, the support is never up to the mark in this case. You are more probable to be disappointed when you seek the service to the most. Here we present below the points where cheap hosting never match affordable ones.

Service support:

Prior going with an option it is recommended to look for their customer support testimonials. It must provide options of all possible contacts like calls, mails, chats, etc. In case of cheap hosting nothing like help guide, or FAQs made available that you can find with affordable hosts.

Web Space:

Disk Space is another aspect where the cheap hosting can never match with affordable. The better hosting companies offer enough web space to fulfil your requirement. They have been always beyond your expectation in terms of space provided for your stuffs.


Bandwidth is a crucial term for web business as these are performance based. It basically means the amount of data you provide for the viewers in a certain phase of time. However, in this case no matter you go for cheap hosting or affordable, you have to pay for extra usage. Things like photos, videos, downloading options increase bandwidth. However, in case of affordable hosting the bandwidth remains pretty much infinite in most cases.


Uptime is the case where cheap hosting is most disappointing. A good host promises 99.9% uptime. The reason that the cheap hosting can’t match with affordable or good hosts is because the good hosts normally have more data centres for ensuring constant uptime. There remains the option of bringing back the traffic route in case a server gets down.

Installers, analytic tools, etc

Your host should provide you with the flexibility of implementing normal coding languages like PHP or Mysql. There shouldn’t be the system that asks you to pay some extra. Technical parts like web analytic tools, app installers are must in this growing, and competitive web marketing arena. Especially, these things mean a lot for the blogging works. These analytics provide you the clear picture about the web traffic and their demographic analysis.

The role of installers is quite apparent; it makes CMS and other applications available over your site for better presentation of your site among the users. These provide a great level of flexibility in terms of your blog handling.


And, all the above discussed matters are no way can be satisfactory with cheap hosting options as these things need some cost. If you are interested in keeping up with your site for long, or it keeps some value for you, then affordable, or a good host is always recommended.

Anyway, you should look for the above characteristics with an affordable host always.